Are you asking the right questions?

Each of us should experience the 19 Questions at least once in our life for far greater self-knowledge, a glimpse into our possible future, our potential for greater ‘mental wealth’ – and a happier, more meaningful, and more passionate life.

The Story of Your Life

The 19 Questions narrative outcome has provided hundreds of people across the planet a simple perspective by which to clarify, comprehend and understand their lives to date as a simple yet comprehensive, and logical, story; and in parallel, how to optimally manifest their meaning, purpose and contribution.

‘19 Questions’ Background

Over the last 37 years, this ever-evolving 19 Questions ‘Humane Technology’ tool and associated evaluation rules have evolved organically across multiple incarnations into its current roughly 90–120-minute per person process of questions and rules-based analysis that have now been shared face-to-face by the author with over 1000 clients across 30 countries and all seven continents.

19 Questions has been proven effective and positively received on a near-universal basis across more than 1500 hours of consulting interviews with politicians and celebrities, entrepreneurs and CEOs, educators and producers, Olympic athletes and spies, entire families – and many more. It has impacted myriad lives and relationships for the better, with testimonials to support this.

For more on the history and transition from 17 Questions to 19 Questions, please click here.

The Future of 19 Questions

Most significantly, given the continued – and unstoppable – “down-sizing” of our global economies  (much related to the continued loss of millions of jobs to automation and consolidation), the 19 Questions tool paints a positive path towards ‘turning on’ and retooling’ our global workforce – our human capital, not only towards one’s most optimized path to quality of life and fulfillment, but also to each of our logical contributions to a greater humanity that truly needs the best of each of us.

19 questions will ultimately iterate across many formats:  semi-automated web-based engagement, then a fully (AI-enabled) automated engagement; interview television show(s), documentary, psychological board games, related indexes, and more. 

A “Mental Wealth” Index

Beyond the above iterations, we also believe in many of the existing diagnostic, screening and biological measures for mental health and wellness, and are proposing a ‘Mental Wealth Index’ that extends beyond conventional measures to also include measures for meaning, purpose, impact orientation and even, story.   Accordingly, as part of our roadmap, we are contemplating the creation and validation of an index that identifies, quantifies supports human beings that have evolved to the point of consciousness where they are aware of, and working to manifest, their contribution to the planet and their fellow humans.  This is based on our believe that all of us are born with the potential for an absolutely unique contribution and positive impact unlike anyone else’s.  We are just not taught either this awareness and the means to get there.

David C. Traub

Educational Warrior,
19 Questions

The 19 Questions Mission

The mission of our greater humane technology platform, digital, broadcast and analogue, is to help all of humanity transition to careers, jobs and projects that optimize our skills, experience, passions, dreams, our contribution to humanity, and most importantly, our sense of life meaning and purpose – and to help each of us figure out our path to getting there.

 “Understand and reenergize your entire life story in around two hours – and ensure you are asking the right questions.”
David C. Traub,
Author, 19-Questions

The Process

  • 19Q is not offered as either a personality assessment tool or psychotherapy or psychological counseling, but rather, is a new way of looking at yourself, and revealing the story in your life.
  • Based on the sensitive nature of your answers, our process is highly confidential
  • Zoom (or other video conferencing) or face to face (being preferable but challenging)
  • +/- 90-min to 2 Hours for 1 person; adding approximately 1 hour for ea. additional person
  • Beneficiaries don’t need to answer any questions they are uncomfortable with
  • Age range: 20+ preferred, but this tool has been done for as young as 10
  • Beneficiaries are encouraged to record the final reading (but not the main body)
  • Author confidentially records entire process as part of process to automate 19 Questions
  • Sessions are available in One on One, Hosted Small Group (Couple, Family, Division, Special Interest), or Hosted Events (of virtually any size).

Maybe it’s time to better understand who you are, why you are here, and how the bad things that have happened to you may also be gifts…

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