19Questions: Formerly known as ’17 Questions’ 

As of March 24, 2022, with the addition of two new questions, ‘19 Questions.com’ is now the new process brand for the mythological evaluation tool that has been branded as ’17 Questions’ for the last several decades.


has become:

The ‘19 Questions’ were originally born as ‘7 Questions’ in 1984 as a derivative of the author’s thesis work at University of California at Berkeley in the positive, pro-social use of entertainment film production techniques in K-12 education. 

Across the decades, with each engagement across our always bright and occasionally doubtful global clientele, the questions have continued to evolve to where they are today.


And despite our 38 years of origination, we are just getting started; in order to maximize scalability, to follow are television, gaming, metaverse, NFT,  far less expensive and time-consuming interactive versions, and ultimately, AI-powered engagement, among others.

We look forward to helping you accelerate your life story, your quality-of-life happiness, and your impact on the planet.

A note on the number 19

19 is not only the number of overarching questions that comprise the 19 Questions.   According to the study of numerology, it is also a very propitious and magical number.

Here are some quotes from The Secrets of the Tarot:

The appearance of the number should be heeded as a message from spirit.

  • The 19th card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot is The Sun, which is one of the most fortunate cards in the deck
  • Like the Sun card, the number 19 shines a light on all other energies surrounding it.
  • The image on the Sun Tarot card is a bright sun shining on a small child who is riding upon a pristine white horse and has thrown off its garments like a soul shedding the past.
  • This image represents the rebirth of the individual and the dawning of a new day.
  • When the number 19 occurs in your experience, it signals a renewal of the primal energies that inform our lives.
  • This represents a state of balance and peace from which the energies of life pour forth.
  • The number 19 is a highly meaningful number, indicating a rebirth of some kind is about to occur.

The appearance of 19 may indicate that the end of a an old cycle and the beginning of a new cycle is occurring.

  • 19 can relate to the approach the truly great take to life.
  • In the I Ching, the 19th kua is usually translated as ‘Approach,’ meaning the approach of Spring or the approach of good fortune. It can also, however, refer to the approach the truly great take to life.
  • The best way to use the leadership energies present in the number 1 is to temper them with the philanthropic sentiments informed by the presence of number 9.
  • This creates a self-sufficient individual whose eyes and ears are open to the larger needs of society.
Maybe it’s time to better understand who you are, why you are here,
and how the bad things that have happened to you may also be gifts…

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