Before you go to college…
you have to get in.
Get ready for university and college applications with 19 Questions.

And do better, once you get in.

Before you go to college… you have to get in.
Get ready for university and college applications with 19 Questions.

And do better, once you get in.


College candidate testimonial:
I met Mr. David Traub and his 19-Questions when I was in the 11th grade of high school. They were presented to me as the initial part of his process for helping students get into the school of their dreams. I was immediately impressed with both his intelligence and genuine belief that all humans are brilliant – if they are just given the right knowledge and opportunity. As for the 19-Questions, they absolutely touched and inspired me with reflections that remain with me more than half a decade after Mr. Traub and his process helped me get into, then graduate from, one of the world’s top ten universities.  What is the real meaning of life?  What is my true purpose?  How can I make a real impact upon both my own and global society? How…can I be happy in my career?  The 19-questions helped me better understand who I am as I entered the college application process.  They also inspired me – and others I know who also worked with Mr. Traub – to begin defining life-long goals at the beginning of my professional career. I am truly honored that I was able to receive the valuable insight from the questions and Mr. David. Thank you again. 

Yi “Shelly” Yang (Shenzhen, China)
Banker, China Merchant Bank

One of the historically proven applications of the 19-Questions coaching experience is preparing for college or grad school admission. The admission staff need to know who you are… and with the focus and self-clarity derived from a 19 Questions session, you will be ready to answer any question with confidence and depth of insight.

Understanding the application process

Applying to a university or college is a very competitive process.  There will always be far more applicants than seats at any of the more – or most – competitive of the world’s best universities.

The application process is very much a selling process.  First, you must sell your optimal self to your desired university(s). Secondly, you must sell your understanding of exactly ‘who’ your university is as a focused learning community, and what the needs of that institution really are.

If you can address those needs, and sell your understanding of them, you are much closer to being accepted to the program of your choice.



What higher-learning institutions are looking for

These days – 2023 – it can be argued that there is far more existential challenge to the future of our species than ever before.  Accordingly, universities have become very clear as to their most important mission with respect to addressing these issues, and equally, what they are hunting for in their applying youth.

They are looking for truly passionate and committed young leaders with measurable history, pro-humanity dreams and ‘life stories’ that support the possibility that a particular applicant might materially help ‘solve problems’ for the target university and the global at large.

Some of the problems that successful students help their university solve presently, or in the future, relate to the institution’s needs to evolve, perfect and protect its brand; its standards; its needs for flourishing alumni; and its need for… impact. 


As undergraduate at UC Berkeley, I genuinely struggled for my first year. Then I  ‘awoke’ to my life story as a person committed to using media and technology for scaling positive mental wellness.  Suddenly, school was exciting – and far more relevant.  I graduated with honors, and received a scholarship to Harvard.  It was during this period at Berkeley that the 19-Questions were born as a tool to help all of us clarify – and realize – our dreams… 

David Traub
Graduate, U.C. Berkeley ’84
ED.M, Harvard Graduate School of Education ’90
Founder 19-Questions

Enter the 19 Questions

The 19Q creator David Traub has supported a growing number of applicants and their successful applications to a number of A-list schools, both undergraduate and graduate, including multiple in the Ivy League. 

They have done so beginning with a 19-Questions questions.  This coaching process delivers a means of:

(1) more deeply getting to know the applicant,

(2) more deeply understanding what the student cares about, dreams about, and has accomplished in their lives beyond academics – however insignificant it may appear, and finally

(3) weaving all the applicant’s ‘experiential NDA’ – the great, good and bad events of their young lives – into a cogent and compelling ‘story.’

(4) Most importantly, the student is given an overarching ‘life story’ to aspire to and guide them – helping the academics become far more meaningful, relevant and fun. When school work becomes genuinely relevant to achieving one’s life dreams, it becomes far more important and exciting – typically leading to far less stress, and far greater academic success. 

The candidate’s emerging life story now serves as the foundational basis from which the students (1) can write all their essays, and (2) design their academic future in order to (3) help the university solve its problems, while finally, (4) making progress on making the applicant’s future dreams come true

Please consider a 19-Questions session before the interviewing and essay-writing required for applying to University and/or for your masters process.

Client references available upon request.

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Higher education will lead to a transformation;
your work and dreams will only get better…

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19Q is not offered as either a personality assessment tool or psychotherapy or psychological counseling, but rather, is a new way of looking at yourself, and revealing the story in your life. Based on the sensitive nature of your answers, our process is highly confidential.